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About HADI Trades

HADI Trades is based in Turkey with 838 active users from all over the world like, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Denmark, UAE and it's still growing day by day. we trade in full range of investments like gold, oil, silver, stocks, share, indexes and other commodities. You can trust us with your money that will surely give a high return on your investments

Investment Plans

Investment Plan You will find some of the most profitable investment plan (for Turkey,

Trusted & Verified

USA most trusted and verified gold trader offering multiple options to invest for your bright future. Let's grow togather.

24/7 Support

You will get 24/7 qualified customer service support by our trading experienced individuals.

Saving & Investments

You will save big on investing with HADI Trades company. Feel free to contact us.

Our philosophy

We were always
thinking global

At HADI Trades we continually evolve ourselves with the experience our customer drive to our doorstep. We improve our services so we can stay ahead of market’s other gold trading companies.

We are always unsatisfied on our investment plans and always stay after improving it to help our customers to get more and more profit.

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We offer some effective plan. You can read our investment plan by click the below button.

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We are trusted and verified trading company. We understand the world ' interest and demand in gold, oil and cryptocurrency. With us you will not only invest your money for saving your future, you will also receive updates about gold, oil, stocks, shares, cryptocurrency and financial market. That mean you will stay up to date with your investment.

We are offering multiple investment plans. Now you have the liberty of choosing Basic, Standard or Executive plan on Semi Annually and Annual basis. Contact us today and be the part of fastest growing world of trading.

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Stable & Profitable

By investing with HADI Trades one thing you can assure yourselves that we are stable. You will feel safe and secure experience with our profit rates and your account panel will display you the profit you will make by the end of every day.

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Instant & Secure

You will receive the safest and instant withdrawals experience. We do not compromise on clients’ privacy and security. Our systems are smart enough to keep you protected from peeping eyes. You will get your withdrawal within 48 hours.

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Referral Programs

It’s okay! If you don’t have the money for now to buy our investment plan. You can still earn! Be our agent, be our voice and be a valuable part of HADI Trades system. Refer your friends and family or even spread words and if you agree someone to buy our plan, you may earn bonus upto 15%.

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Multi-Currency Support

We offer multi-currency support. Currently, you can invest or withdrawal in US Dollar (USD), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

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24/7 Customer Support

Unlike other cryptocurrency trading companies, we offer quality 24/7 customer support. Whenever, you are facing any problem or have a question ready for us, we are here to reply your quires.
Whatsapp +1 972-292-8369

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Our passion is your investing experience. If you ever feel we've missed the mark, let us know. We'll do everything we can to make it right.

You can control your investment

Upon registration you will be taken to our most secure and powerful dashboard, where you will be evaluating your investment profits.

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Please contact us with any questions regarding investing in forex and crypto assets.

Whatsapp: +1 (972) 292 8369


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Questions you often ask

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

You need atleast $2,500 USD to make open an account at any time. We only accept Bank transfer, Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. All your payments will be calculated in US dollors.

Can I have more than one account?

No, We approve one account per person.

If I change my mind, can I get refund?

You can make withdrawal at any time if there are sufficient funds on your account. Sometimes part of your funds is pending. For security reason we hold, for a while, you can withdraw the earnings that you received from referrals. Also we freeze funds for 90-120 days according to your investment plan. We only accept money from Bank transfers, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount, when can I make a request
and when will I be paid?

You can make withdrawal at any time if there are sufficient funds on your account(Minimum $50). Sometimes part of your funds is pending. For security reason we hold, for a while, you can also withdraw the earnings immediately (if you want) that you received from referrals. Minimum amount you can get withdraw is $50.